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UL lands second OAD

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Started Apr 23, 2015 at 22:12
Kentucky > UK Basketball > UK Basketball (scout)
by Badinage
Original Post: UL lands second OAD

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Badinage wrote: Yeah, I think you are losing the battle. You clam a bunch of "differences" to avoid the obvious hypocrisy. No, I think the differences are clear and you are frustrated that you can't refute them.

UK fans were disappointed with their ONE loss in basketball this year, but it was not a disappointing season. We made it to the Big Show and lost. As much as you want satisfaction from that, there is no shame in that (think about how sad it is for UL fans to claim some success in UK losing). UK fans should have been frustrated with their loss. They had the best talent but their coach screwed it up for them again. The one thing you are correct in is that I took much pleasure and satisfaction in it.

And, the NFL just demonstrated that it thinks you were playing with at least 10 pros last year in football. Already said we were disappointed in the season. With any kind of decent QB play we would have gone 11-1..

And, our supremely young team hung 40 on your star veteran squad in your house and we performed as well against the other SEC team that stomped you in the bowl. And, BTW, your second string QB was getting stomped in that game against UK. Your first string QB was not much better. Thank your stars that the kid from Lexington could get the ball out quickly to Devante.

Congratulations for finishing second in the Bluegrass Bowl. You missed your chance to beat BP. It was very satisfying having KB come off the bench cold and torch your defense. I guess next you're going to guarantee a victory this year.

--- erinalex wrote:

I don't think any of those guys were high school AAs. But here's the biggest difference: U of L was disappointed with their season and their coach won't be saying the draft was the greatest three days in U of L sports history. Having said all that, they still hung 40-plus on your team with their third-string QB.


Reply May 4, 2015 at 01:29
Kentucky > UK Basketball > UK Basketball (scout)
by erinalex