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I truly believe...

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That UofL would have been in the running for the national title last season if Teddy hadn't left for the NFL. So many guys from last year's team have been drafted. I realize the OL would have still been shaky, but Teddy was (and still is) extremely good under pressure.

Teddy made the right choice by declaring, but it sucks to think about what might have been.
Started May 2, 2015 at 19:17
Louisville > UL Football > UL Football (scout)
by keycard
Original Post: I truly believe...

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Hightop77 wrote:

CardsssScored wrote: People don't like when you say that Bobby underachieved last year... We should have only lost 1 game last year.

Strong left us with no center and no quarterbacks with any experience. Going 9-3 in a real conference under those circumstances was no underachievement. Going 11-1 in the AAC in 2013 with a roster full of of NFL players and our best quarterback since Johnny U was real underachievement.

This isn't unreasonable either. After stacking the roster like that, losing to UCF at home with a three TD lead late in the game was lame. The hard work was done, then we failed on the easy work. The team's weak link was not respecting its opponents, which is why so many games against weaker teams were unnecessarily close.

Reply May 4, 2015 at 13:01
Louisville > UL Football > UL Football (scout)
by JunkYardCard